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  • ACME Technologies is excited to showcase the visitor-commerce platform that has been embraced by leading museums and cultural institutions across the United States for ticketing, admission, membership, events, education, & retail. ACME (Booth # 1118) is offering a free, one-on-one demonstration of how your institution can benefit from their cloud-based, mobile-focused,... Learn More

  • FREE cloud based Collection Management Application is available. Come to booth 1011 to learn about this feature. You can subscribe to free collection management from any browser by visiting Paid version with additional features is also available for medium to large collections. The application can be used to share collection information... Learn More

  • Visit us at booth 815, in the Technology Innovation section of the Expo, to experience muse. It's the simplest and most cost-effective solution on the market to quickly extend your exhibit experiences to smartphones. Perfect for museums, galleries, gardens, aquariums, and zoos, especially since it can be launched within mere days.  If... Learn More

  • Oferring a special for AAM show attendees. $499 setup for our eMembership solution integrated with youir Altru or Raisers Edge. Are you members waiting days or weeks to get the card and dealing with having to carry one more paper or plastic card? Save costs. Go green and simplify life... Learn More

  • MuseumTrek mobile interactives are quick and easy to setup on your own, but we are here to help you create just the right ecperience for your visitors. We offer additional setup and consulting services which include interactive design, custom graphics, converting existing written materials into compelling digital experiences, or even creating something brand new... Learn More

  • Our premium steel, Sta-Straight technology stanchions are originally $149.99 a pair, but will be on sale for $99.99 a pair during the show.  Our sentry stanchions are usually $79.99 a pair, but will be on sale for only $59.99 a pair.  We will also be having some other sales for our... Learn More